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Upcoming Classes

OQSG Evaluator Training  - Certification for conducting OQSG skills assessments

August 29, 2018 - Houston, TX

September 26, 2018 - Lafayette, LA

Pinion LMS Administrator Training - Detailed training for basic and advanced Pinion LMS functionality

August 30, 2018 - Houston, TX

September 27, 2018 - Lafayette, LA

Hugh Wallis Training Center - Instructor Led training in Lafayette, LA. Contact Shane at 337.291.7542 or to schedule.

Fall Protection Authorized User (Every Wednesday at 8AM)

Fall Protection Competent Person/Rescue (Every Thursday at 8AM)


Hazardous Waste Operations

Emergency Response

Recent Course Updates

OQSG CT110 - Grinding, Sanding, or Buffing on Steel Pipelines - New E-learning and Skills Assessment (June 2018)

OQSG CT100 - Cold Cutting - New Skills Assessment (February 2018)

OQSG Proctor Training - E-learning updated with Pinion LMS content (November 2017)

Software Updates

Software Update 1.7.4 *** New Feature – Course Manager ***

July 17, 2018 We have deployed the latest update to Pinion LMS which includes a Course Manager feature as well as several tweaks and improvements requested by our dedicated users. The Course Manager feature will give you more control over the courses and modules available to your employees. We are also beginning to roll out some background upgrades in preparation for a new feature that will be announced soon. Please contact support by calling 337.769.9608 or through the live chat feature if you need assistance with the Course Manager.

Software Update 1.7.1 *** New Features – Report Builder and Competency Assessment Tool ***

October 16, 2017   This update to Pinion LMS includes two major features among other minor fixes.  The new Reports area gives customers the power to customize columns, views, and set conditional stylings.  You can even save your custom reports to run in the future with the click of a button.  The new competency assessment area can help you create or improve almost any field assessment program.  Develop and deliver company specific competency programs to help document how well your employees understand policies and procedures.  Please contact support by calling 337.769.9608 or through the live chat feature if you need assistance getting started.

Software Update 1.6.4 *** New Features – Company Files and Group Compliance ***

January 6, 2017  This update to Pinion LMS includes two new features. The Admin Dashboard now includes a button to add files to Pinion LMS that pertain to the company. These files can be shared within the company and any related companies. There is also a new group compliance feature added to the Groups area. This feature will allow you to view if the assigned members of a group are in compliance by highlighting them in the corresponding color.