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Upcoming Classes

OQSG Evaluator Training  -  Certification for conducting OQSG skills assessments

April 22, 2020 - Mont Belvieu, TX

May 20, 2020 - Lafayette, LA

June 10, 2020 - Lafayette, LA

Pinion LMS Administrator Training  -  Detailed training for basic and advanced Pinion LMS functionality

May 21, 2020 - Lafayette, LA

June 10, 2020 - Lafayette, LA

Course Updates*

* Management of Change Documentation is available in Company Files.

Year to Date:

CT01.2  -  Measure Structure-to-Electrolyte Potential  -  E-Learning, Skills

CT02  -  Maintain Test Leads  -  Skills 

CT0271  -  Prove Flow  Meters  -  E-Learning

CT0291  -  Inspect, Test, and Maintain Gravitometers and Densitometers  -  E-Learning

CT06  -  Prevention of Atmospheric Corrosion  -  Skills

CT06.2  -  Inspection of Coatings - Skills

CT08  -  Conducting Cathodic Protection Remediation  -  Skills

CT09  -  Monitoring for Internal Corrosion  -  Skills

CT10  -  Inspect Pipe and Components When Exposed  -  E-Learning, Skills

CT1291  -  Locate Underground Pipelines  -  Skills

CT18  -  Inspection of Breakout Tanks  -  Skills 

CT22  -  Inspect Valves  -  Skills

CT29  -  Moving In-Service Pipe  -  Skills

CT36.9  -  Install Completion Plugs  -  E-Learning

CT37  -  Conduct Pressure Test  -  E-Learning

CT39  -  Operations of a Pipeline  -  Skills

CT39F  -  Field Operations of a Pipeline  -  Skills

CT43  -  Perform Flange Bolting Procedures  -  Skills

CT47  -  Install Electrical Insulating Device - E-Learning, Skills Assessment

CT60  -  General Abnormal Operating Conditions  -  E-Learning

OQ-PROC  -  Proctor Training  -  E-Learning


CT0451  -  Manual Startup and Shutdown of Pumps  -  E-Learning, Skills



CT02  -  Maintain Test Leads  -  E-learning

CT08  -  Conducting Cathodic Protection Remediation  -  E-Learning, Skills

CT09  -  Monitoring for Internal Corrosion  -  E-Learning


CT06.2  -  Inspection of Coatings  -  E-Learning, Skills

CT06.3  -  Perform Surface Preparation  -  E-Learning, Skills

CT06.4  -  Perform Coating Application  -  E-Learning, Skills

Software Updates

Software Update 1.7.6  New Feature – Due by date

July 26, 2019 With this update of PinionLMS we are giving Administrators and Power Users the ability to set  due by dates on assignments. This new feature can be set from an individual assignments modify window in the assignments area, or in the assignment select screen when making new assignments. Companies also have the option to set a global due by in case they want every assignment to be due after a specific period of time. If you have any questions about this new feature you can contact support by calling 337-769-9608, sending an email to, or through the live chat feature in Pinion.

Software Update 1.7.5  New Features – Custom User Roles and Course Number Aliases 

January 24, 2019 With this first update of 2019 we are releasing the custom user roles and course number alias features. These features are available to Administrators in your account and will allow you to further customize your Pinion experience. Administrators may also notice that they now have access to the company details area. There you will be able to update some general information about your company, enable custom attributes for users, and set company security requirements. We have some more features and improvements coming down the pipe and look forward to sharing more information with you soon! If you have any questions about any of these new features you can contact support by calling 337-769-9608, sending an email to, or through the live chat feature in Pinion.

Software Update 1.7.4 New Feature – Course Manager 

July 17, 2018 We have deployed the latest update to Pinion LMS which includes a Course Manager feature as well as several tweaks and improvements requested by our dedicated users. The Course Manager feature will give you more control over the courses and modules available to your employees. We are also beginning to roll out some background upgrades in preparation for a new feature that will be announced soon. Please contact support by calling 337.769.9608 or through the live chat feature if you need assistance with the Course Manager.