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Pinion News

Upcoming Classes:

OQSG Evaluator Training  -  Certification for conducting OQSG skills assessments

May 9, 2024 - Lafayette, LA

June 5, 2024 - Lafayette, LA

Pinion LMS Administrator Training  -  Detailed training for basic and advanced Pinion LMS functionality

May 10, 2024 - Remote

June 6, 2024 - Remote

New Libraries:

We recently added several new course libraries to cover everything from Driving Safety, Health& Wellness, to Workplace Safety and HR & Leadership. Access them alongside your OQ courses in Pinion. 

Industry and course updates:

2024 Year to Date:


CT0621 - Perform  NDT: Magnetic Particle Testing - eLearning, Skills, Check (available 03/22/2024)

CT0631 - Perform NDT: Ultrasonic Testing - eLearning, Skills, Check (available 01/05/2024)

CT49 - Operate Air Movers - Skills, Check (available 01/25/2024)

CT101 - Operate and Maintain Closure Devices - Skills, Check (available 01/25/2024)

Software Updates

Software Update 1.7.23 Course Builder Improvements

February 8, 2024 This update of PinionLMS includes additional refinements to Course Builder and small bug fixes.

Software Update 1.7.22 Check Improvements

December 20, 2023 This update of PinionLMS includes refinement to new Check functionality and small bug fixes. 

Software Update 1.7.21 Check Improvements

December 1, 2023 This update of PinionLMS includes improvements to Check functionality and small quality of life updates.

Software Update 1.7.20 Due Date

August 30, 2023 This update of PinionLMS includes optimization enhancements for the due by date functionality.

Software Update 1.7.19 Groups Optimization

July 18, 2023 This update of PinionLMS includes optimization enhancements for the groups area and widgets as well as small wording changes in Courier and the Users area.

Software Update Competency Widgets

June 22, 2023 This update of PinionLMS includes customer driven enhancements to the competency widgets.