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Pinion News

Upcoming Classes:

OQSG Evaluator Training  -  Certification for conducting OQSG skills assessments

February 15, 2022 - Lafayette, LA

March 8, 2022 - Lafayette, LA

Pinion LMS Administrator Training  -  Detailed training for basic and advanced Pinion LMS functionality

February 16, 2022 - Remote

March 9, 2022 - Remote

New Libraries:

We recently added several new course libraries to cover everything from Driving Safety, Health& Wellness, to Workplace Safety and HR & Leadership. Access them alongside your OQ courses in Pinion. 

Industry and course updates:

2022 Year to Date:


CT09.3  -  Collecting a Sample of Pipeline Contents  -  eLearning  (available 11/18/2022)


CT0031  -  Inspect And Monitor Galvanic Ground Beds Anodes  -  Skills  (available 08/26/2022)

CT01  -  Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys  -  eLearning, Skills  (available 1/14/2022)

CT01.3ACCA  -  Conduct AC Current Attenuation Survey  -  Skills  (available 02/15/2022)

CT0271WD  -  Prove Flow Meters for Hazardous Liquid Leak Detection: Water Draw  -  Skills  (available 08/19/2022)

CT0291  -  Inspect, Test and Maintain Gravitometers and Densitometers  -  eLearning  (available 04/29/2022)

CT0291  -  Inspect, Test and Maintain Gravitometers and Densitometers  -  Skills  (available 12/15/2022)

CT03  -  Inspect Cathodic Protection Rectifiers  -  eLearning, Skills  (available 09/22/2022)

CT06.4  -  Perform Coating Application  -  Skills   (available 01/3/2022)

CT12  -  Internal Corrosion Remediation  -  eLearning, Skills  (available 04/29/2022)

CT22  -  Inspect Valves  -  eLearning, Skills  (available 11/30/2022)

CT36.7  -  Perform Hot Tapping -  Skills  (available 02/15/2022)

CT36.9  -  Install Completion Plugs  -  Skills  (available 02/15/2022)

CT38  -  Perform Maintenance Welding on Pipelines  - eLearning  (available 02/3/2022)

CT39  -  Operations of a Pipeline System  -  eLearning  (available 06/20/2022)

CT39  -  Operations of a Pipeline System  -  Skills  (available 04/18/2022)

CT39F  -  Field Operations of a Pipeline System  -  eLearning  (available 06/20/2022)

CT39F  -  Field Operations of a Pipeline System  -  eLearning  (available 04/21/2022)

CT48  -  Purge a Pipeline  -  Skills  (available 09/22/2022)

CT58  -  Startup, Shutdown and Operation of an Engine Driven Gas Compressor Unit  -  Skills  (available 02/15/2022)

CT61  -  Documentation, Reporting, & OQ Recordkeeping  -  eLearning  (available 04/19/2022)

OQ-EVAL-Doc  -  Correctly Document Skills Assessment Forms  -  eLearning  (available 05/24/2022)

​​​​​​​OQ-EVAL  -  Evaluator Recertification  -  eLearning  (available 05/19/2022)

OQ-PROC  -  Proctor Training  -  eLearning  (available 03/31/2022)

Software Updates

Software Update 1.7.15 Single Sign-on

December 21, 2022 This update of PinionLMS includes Single Sign-on as well as updates to Courier, Reports, and a few quality of life improvements to the Users and Assignments areas. The addition of single sign-on allows for a seamless authentication experience for a company's employees. For more information about PinionLMS SSO integrations, please contact our support team at


October 31, 2022 This update of PinionLMS includes updated help videos, minor text tweaks, and better handling of reassigning inactive incomplete assignments. 

Software Update 1.7.14 Filter Improvements and Updated Help Videos

September 14, 2022 This update of PinionLMS brings filtering improvements including larger fields, alphabetical listings, and string searches. Our help videos also received a much-needed refresh.

Software Update 1.7.13 LiveChat Improvements

August 25, 2022 This update of PinionLMS improves the LiveChat feature and gives users more options when requesting assistance.

Software Update 1.7.12 User Functionality

August 18, 2022 This update of PinionLMS gives users the ability to download assigned skills assessments for use as additional training. We also updated the way the LMS handles slide titles, pre-population fields on skills forms, and custom roles. 

Software Update 1.7.11 Administrator Notifications

July 15, 2022 This update of PinionLMS provides notifications for specific account types. We also made small quality of life updates to filters and main menu tiles.


June 6, 2022 This update of PinionLMS focused on Company Files and assignment handling. Company Files were optimized to display large amounts of results and UI tweaks were made to button text. Assignment tweaks respect company driven settings for reassigning. 

Software Update 1.7.10 Assignments Area Update

May 11, 2022 This update of PinionLMS expands on the Assignments area functionality. Companies now have the ability to select which columns appear in the assignments area. We also made improvements to user inactivation and reactivations and group interactions.

Software Update 1.7.9 Check and Dashboard Enhancements

March 28, 2022  This update of PinionLMS expands on Check and Dashboard functionality. The Check feature enhancements improve the assignment process and reporting. Dashboard enhancements allow the parent company to view information about children accounts. There are also a few Courier improvements and a new indicator for expiring soon items in Group compliance.  If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, contact our Support team by calling 337-769-9608, emailing, or through the live chat feature in Pinion.